Monday, March 27, 2006


I'm really enjoying this reading on the 1880's populist movement. Here's a fun quote:

"I know that for the man who sees the evils of the time -- the want, ignorance and misery caused by unjust laws -- who sets himself so far as he has strength to right them, there is nothing in store but ridicule and abuse. The bitterest thought, and the hardest to bear, is the hopelessness of the struggle, "the futility of the sacrifice." But for us who have taken up the crusade, there shall be no halting; and as our ranks grow thin by death and desertion, we should close up, shoulder to shoulder, and show an unbroken battle line to the enemy."

-Jeremiah "Sockless Jerry" Simpson

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kelly said...

They're talking about your favorite NY district on dkos today.