Thursday, March 02, 2006

Pajama Sick Day

After a full afternoon and evening of lying helplessly on my couch in front of the TV, a few observations:

-It is still possible to see at least 4 episodes of various "Law and Order" Serieses per day, but I'm pretty sure that's down from some much larger high.

-Whatever happened to "The Price Is Right"? Did Bob Barker die, and am I forgetting in my feverish haze? Is it just not shown in Ohio? Did I miss it? I wanted to see it for pure sick day nostalgia.

-What is so soothing about "Law and Order" and "CSI" type shows anyway? I mean, I'm a damn liberal, and I still think their like frickin' chamomile. Must be their predictability, I guess.

-I learned from the History Channel that history consists of the Civil War and World War 2.

-The National Geographic Channel is obsessed with boats. Shipwreck diving, rescue (and/or horrible awful death) at sea... Etc.

-Once Upon A Time, didn't the Learning Channel play things besides "Television About Mindless Couples, Meeting, Marrying, and Churning Out Babies"? Or is that just me?

-My God, The Core is a Very Bad Movie with a Shockingly Good Cast

-2 repeats and 1 new Episode of the Daily Show... Available daily

-Mash will Never die

All right. Back to Bed... here's to hoping I didn't give myself Rey Syndrome by taking aspirin with a Viral Infection.

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