Monday, May 15, 2006

What we learned from Tonight's "Grey's Anatomy"

-If you are a doctor, and you don't cover for another doctor who has committed fraud and recklessly endangered the life of a patient, you are heartless.

-If a woman is physically bigger than the man she is with, she will be willing to settle for tepid attraction.

-Asians are innate overachievers. Only white people's love can save them from following the black man's path into emotional distance.

-All women are completely defined by their relationships with men.

-Major teaching hospitals routinely assign surgical interns nonsensical, nonmedical tasks. This helps them retain their precious humanity.

-Black women are easily excitable.

-Everyone is completely defined by who they were in high school.
- corollary: Only Jocks can be Heroes.

-The most important thing in a young professional woman's life is to learn how to be devoted to a male mentor figure. The most important thing in a middle-aged professional man's life is to have hot sex with a beautiful subordinate woman.

-There are no gay people in medicine.

-How do you know if the accomplished surgical intern you are in love with loves you back? You call her like a dog. This will seem less offensive if a Snow Patrol song is playing.

-"Stop looking at me like that" means "Yes"

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Andy == Still Existing

End of semester fries my tiiiny little bwain. Owie. I'll post something real soon.