Sunday, December 10, 2006

Did what I think just happened just happen?

If this video embed won't play in the blog, but rather takes you to youtube to watch the video by default, then yes, what I think just happened (YouTube stopped allowing embeds to play in the context they are placed it) just happened.

-Then again, if it will play - and it appears it will - then I guess YouTube has done no such thing. I wonder what the deal is with this clip of the Colbert Report at Daily Kos?

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Total Capture

Of late, I've been a busy little research Bee.

Where research = watching youtube, that is.

Oh, and stuff on media economics, that too!

Anyway, it gets me thinking about this back-of-the-envelope bullshit sort of speculative social theory of mine. I would posit that, as a society, we are moving closer and closer to a day when everyone is always on video, and that video is always viewable by anyone, anywhere. We'll never really get there of course, we're just getting closer and closer at an accelerating rate. I call the imaginary state where everyone is always being recorded "Total Capture" because I think it sounds sexy.

Anyway, you can see why youtube, everyones favorite emergent cyborg-indexed searchable video retrieval system would get me thinking about this. Here's another thing I think is neat and related to the idea that I return to from time to time: Google discoverable webcameras. I just love 'em... its like a treasure hunt! Maybe you find some kind of Korean office building or maybe a Pool Hall or a mall parking lot.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Bert and Ernie

I still think of this sketch whenever I come across a long chain of substitutions.