Thursday, July 21, 2005

Blogging the Folk Festival, Vol. 1

How do you know a show is cool? When people bring newborn babies to the Punk show (A NAVAJO punk show, no less, Indian Punk is the most Authentic Punk) and everyone is trusted to carry around glass bottles and no one gets hurt. Also, no corporate sponors, no big label bands, and massive multi-ethnicity. I'm making my usual yearly trip to the Grassroots Folk Festival in Trumansburg New York and I thought I would share some thoughts with the Blog-o-sphere. Wish I had a digital camera. Maybe somebody will bring one and I can post some pics later.

-As said, Navajo Punk is the bestest Punk. Check out Blackfire if you have the chance.

-Libyan Rock Bands Rock. Electric Guitar + North African Rhythm = Dance boy, Dance!

-I've noticed there's like, a physiological moment in every concert where I begin to loosen up and actuallu have fun, I definately did that tonight, so now I'm all ready for tommorow.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Message In a Bottle

If you are within FM range of Rochester NY, or possessed of sufficient bandwidth to listen to a High-Def Realplayer feed, be sure to check out Monroe County Community College's 90.5 WBER (AKA The Only Station That Matters), quite possibly the finest alt-rock station on the face of the planet.

Weirdly, I've noticed them playing Sun Kil Moon's "Floating" (Central Lyrics: "come to me my love/one more night/come on/'cause i just wanna talk with you")
immediately followed by the Police's "Next To You" (Opening Verse: "I can't stand it for another day/When you live so many miles away./Nothing here is gonna make me stay,/(You) took me over, let me find a way.") on at least three separate occasions over the course of the last several days. As WBER is a non-automated station that affords its DJs great latitude, I can only assume this is some quiet, plaintive plea from DJ to listener (one in particular perhaps, or just an omni-directional beacon of non-differentiated n-stage loneliness, who knows?) encoded and buried in the playlist. I dunno if its reaching who you want it to reach, but I feel ya DJ man, I feel ya.

(Either that, or WBER has shifted its playlist to a [slightly wonky, apparently] computer... in which case I feel embarrassed and intensely po-mo)

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Back in the World

Or, rather the internet. Something soon.