Sunday, July 17, 2005

Message In a Bottle

If you are within FM range of Rochester NY, or possessed of sufficient bandwidth to listen to a High-Def Realplayer feed, be sure to check out Monroe County Community College's 90.5 WBER (AKA The Only Station That Matters), quite possibly the finest alt-rock station on the face of the planet.

Weirdly, I've noticed them playing Sun Kil Moon's "Floating" (Central Lyrics: "come to me my love/one more night/come on/'cause i just wanna talk with you")
immediately followed by the Police's "Next To You" (Opening Verse: "I can't stand it for another day/When you live so many miles away./Nothing here is gonna make me stay,/(You) took me over, let me find a way.") on at least three separate occasions over the course of the last several days. As WBER is a non-automated station that affords its DJs great latitude, I can only assume this is some quiet, plaintive plea from DJ to listener (one in particular perhaps, or just an omni-directional beacon of non-differentiated n-stage loneliness, who knows?) encoded and buried in the playlist. I dunno if its reaching who you want it to reach, but I feel ya DJ man, I feel ya.

(Either that, or WBER has shifted its playlist to a [slightly wonky, apparently] computer... in which case I feel embarrassed and intensely po-mo)

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kelly said...

W-B-E-R dot monroe dot E-D-U.

it's stuck in my brain forever.