Thursday, July 21, 2005

Blogging the Folk Festival, Vol. 1

How do you know a show is cool? When people bring newborn babies to the Punk show (A NAVAJO punk show, no less, Indian Punk is the most Authentic Punk) and everyone is trusted to carry around glass bottles and no one gets hurt. Also, no corporate sponors, no big label bands, and massive multi-ethnicity. I'm making my usual yearly trip to the Grassroots Folk Festival in Trumansburg New York and I thought I would share some thoughts with the Blog-o-sphere. Wish I had a digital camera. Maybe somebody will bring one and I can post some pics later.

-As said, Navajo Punk is the bestest Punk. Check out Blackfire if you have the chance.

-Libyan Rock Bands Rock. Electric Guitar + North African Rhythm = Dance boy, Dance!

-I've noticed there's like, a physiological moment in every concert where I begin to loosen up and actuallu have fun, I definately did that tonight, so now I'm all ready for tommorow.

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