Monday, February 13, 2006

Inconsistent Diaryest

I've always been an inconsistent diaryest (Diaryer? One-who-diaries?). Don't know why. Attention Deficit Disorder probably. In case anyone wants to know, here is basically where my life is at:

-I had a sort-of-kind-of not-really relationship last semester, which pretty much, basically, more-or-less fell apart over break. (Welcome to the Post-Modern moraine of Infinite Undefinablity. Fuck You Derrida.[Sigh, but on the other hand all the old definitions were basically fascist, huh. Thank You, Derrida])This sucked, but I feel pretty much recovered. The pattern I had gotten into last semester was way too closed-off anyway. This semester I've been making some new friends and acquaintances and its been a lot of fun.
-Among these new acquaintances include my downstairs neighbor and a girl who works in the office next to mine, both of whom I met in totally random circumstances. Somebody queue up "Synchronicity". Anyway, the downstairs neighbor meet was surreal, because apparently I had figured as a minor character in her existence since I moved in. Due to my heavy, recognizable footsteps, she had taken to calling me "the stomper," and knew my daily schedule practically
better than I did. She heard me singing in the shower while she was on the phone to her mother and remarked, "the stomper is singing now!" Very strange to think of how we brush past other people and never know it. The girl in the next officewas more normal, she just picked on me for mis-pronouncing "Hegel."

-My courseload is way less structured than last semester, which has occasionally left me spinning my wheels. I'm trying to come up with some sort of project/plan/course of action to organize myself. This not being my forte, I'm still working on it. In the meantime, I've been trying to organize my day to day existence.

-I gotta say though, I really do like teaching... at least when it goes well. Its a fun kind of performance.

-Volunteered for a local congressional candidate. Its a very, very long shot race, she lost in 2004 33% 61% and has $4000 COH to her opponents $300,000. Its local and its a chance to play the game though, and if we even get on the radar we'll have contributed to the larger fight for the congress in 2006.

So, yeah, back on the Blog. Let's see if I can keep this up.

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