Sunday, February 19, 2006

Well, well Grey's Anatomy Fans

That was quite the little episode wasn't it? Poor George. Poor, poor George...

Watching that man is like watching a mirror of myself on television. Actually, that's getting kinda commonplace these days, either a whole raft of 20 something boys with complicated, difficult relationships with traditional masculinity have been doing TV writing recently; or my internal sense of self has been so warped by my recent heavy-dose TV exposure that I now completely identify with a mass-media archetype.

Probably a little of both.

But yeah, I had a whole rant I was gonna put up here about the "George tells Meredith how he really feels" bit of tonight's episode. How the idea that you should "always tell her how you really feel" is perhaps the biggest lie on television... how maybe sometimes you should just read the writing on the wall and keep your damn mouth shut. But... meh... not much new information there.

Besides, I think the show is going to do pretty well at rendering the unfortunate consequences of George's confession.

Don't worry George, its TV and all you have to do is hang in there a few weeks and your mid-season love interest will be right along. Hell, I'd be willing to wager that it'll be that Paramedic Christina Ricci played for the "bomb in the hospital" episode. Go you!

For those of us out here in what's left of reality... things ain't so predictable...

Then again, we ain't doomed to be archetypes


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