Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Is it obvious I've bee bored today?

So this sick bastard in Iowa kidnaps his wife after she tries to leave him. After he's caught, she turns over to the cops a "Marriage Contract" he had drawn up for them, detailing her "wifely duties." The document gets leaked to a fun little yellow-journalism website called The Smoking Gun (who also leaked congressional candidate Randy Kuhl's divorce documents... which revealed he had threatened his ex with a shotgun at a dinner party... fucker won anyway), and its now available here for anyone who shares my morbid fascination with human awfullness.

That link goes to a "contract" (the woman never signed the thing, not that its legally enforceable) that includes some pretty explicit sexual description, just FYI.

Anyway, this guy makes the Promise Keepers look like NOW. I honestly don't know what is creepier... the 12th century concept of proper gender roles that this espouses, or the fact that it couches everything in management-ese (he had his sexual expectations plotted to a daily timeline, with rewards for "compliance" given out by quarters).

Sadly, as backward and inhuman as this document is, its not hard to see some links between its dream of a submissive, robot-like wife and some awful ideas about the women that circulate in the popular culture. I can't say I see what the attraction to that hyper-submissive archetype is... isn't part of the fun of having a relationship with another person that their... you know... another person with their own thoughts and ideas and desires? If you want a body to lay there and take it... they make silicone dolls for that now, dude...

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