Thursday, February 16, 2006


Gentle readers, it just occurred to me that the prior post may read as if I went through a period in my 20s in which I changed genders. This is not the case. I should have put "she's not pregnant" in quotation marks, as to indicate that time-traveling self was in fact reassuring 20 year old self that he had not impregnated someone else.

I apologize for any confusion or sensations of disorientation this may have caused. As we are living in the post-modern era of gender uncertainty, however, perhaps we had all best get used to it. Who am I to make the essentializing claim that a man could not be pregnant?

That would be a dangerous deployment of normative power, on my part. Donna Haraway's Cyborg assassins would hunt me down, skimming from rooftop to rooftop with their hydraulically boosted legs, aiming on infra-red to thwart my attempts to use this smoke machine for cover.

Speaking of confusion, behold this weird bit of Web ephemera:

Its a blog to make parodies of blogs obsolete. Mmmm, tasty meta-irony. I found it by accident, I was looking for information on political party registration in Ohio's fifth congressional district, and did a google search for "oh5 party" and google, like Dick Cheney's drunken hunting dog, dragged this back to me.

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