Wednesday, February 15, 2006

This is what you do with one of these... right

You post stuff you are doing, yes?

Current Heavy-Play Album: The Frames, Burn the Maps
it has that perculiar mix of bombast and vunerability I tend to identify with.

Current Project: Trying to come up with a Cyberpunk paper for my Popc Theory class
my dissertation is probably going to be way more historical, so I'm not sure if this will even be that useful to me , but its an area of interest and it fits the class. Gives me a chance to try to sort out my thoughts on Humanism vs. Posthumanism...

Current Neurosis: Making a bad impression
I'm enjoying expanding my social circle, but it makes me worry about what all these new people think of me. Sure, things seem cool now, but what happens if they catch me zoning out in class and absentmindedly scratching that zit behind my ear? What can I say, neuroses...

Current thought experiment: What to do with a time machine?
Came up in class today. I've always had a vague list, lets see what it looks like

1. Give 16 year old self list, telling him which women he is going to tend to want to pay attention to he should pay less attention too, and which women he's going to tend to ignore he should pay attention to.
2. Tell 20 year old self that she's not pregnant. She won't be the next time either. Calm down 20 year old self.
3. Arm Narragesets and Pequots with modern firearms. (Note, changes in time line due to this may invalidate rest of list. Hmmm.)
4. Bring $4000 back to 1930. Buy land outside of Pheonix or LA.
5. Prod boomers into actually having revolution. Stupid boomers.

that's a tenative and massively self-centered list...

Aiight, I gotta get back to the physical world, such as it is. Peace imaginary readers...

PS: and you Gavin... peace to you too...

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