Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Our Priorities

Lead Stories on BBC world tonight:
-Bombings in India kill 15 and threaten to spark Hindu-Muslim violence
-United States and Russia agree that Uranium enrichment on Iranian soil will not be permitted

Lead Stories on CBS evening news tonight:
-Dana Reeve, widow of Chris Reeve, dies of lung cancer
-New book accuses Barry Bonds of doing steroids

Lead Stories on NBC evening news tonight:
-Superman's widow = dead
-Dick Cheney tells AIPAC that Iran will stop developing nuclear weapons or "face consequences"

Ok, so NBC gets some credit for mentioning Iran in the first 10 minutes, as opposed to the simply awful CBS broadcast. But still, acting hawkish towards Iran in front of the pro-Israel lobby (AIPAC) is not exactly a shocker.

World outside of United States? What's that?

Also the number of minutes devoted to Dana Reeve on both American Networks was nearly identitcal. I may keep posting on comparative nightly news. Interesting how a "competitive system" produces such nearly identical coverage.


Anonymous said...

But DUDE she was MARRIED to a washed-up CELEBRITY who was CRIPPLED. COME ON. Plus, JUGZ.

Ben said...

Actually, some regular comparative news analysis would be fantastic, if you have the stomach for it.

The PIPA study probably deserves a remention, too.