Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Just for the sake of updating

I've been kinda bleh over here, and schoolworky, which leads to a lack of postable stuff. But just some stuff in brief, for the sake of keeping the blog rolling.

-Whatever troubles I ever have sleeping, remind me never to take Ambien

-People should know, when I mention "capturing academic departments" in my little plan for revolutionary social change (ask me more when I'm drunk) I mean bureacratically, not violently.

-The Battlestar Galactica Finale was the Coolest Thing I've Seen For Awhile. Oh, it started slow, but ended sweet. Must... wait... until... October... to... find out... what the Cylons are up to! ack

1 comment:

kellyv said...

Bureacratically? Are you out of nukes or something?

P.S. if you have not already downloaded them, catch doctor who on sci-fi. it's scifilicious.