Thursday, September 02, 2010

Timmy the Tiny Turtle Learns to Swim

I got a great offer from my twitter friend, Kerstin, who PROMISED to illustrate a children's book for me. So, here is my AMAZING children's book manuscript that I in no way wrote just now because I had a cup of coffee and still can't figure out how to revise this page of my dissertation.

Timmy the Tiny Turtle Learns to Swim

Page One: Timmy is a Tiny Turtle [image of tiny turtle's face and head]
Page Two: He's just hatched! [now we see timmy has just pushed his head from an egg in a large nest]
Page Three: He knows he shouldn't stay on the hot, hot sand. [hot looking sand]
Page Four: Where should he go? [puzzled looking Timmy]
Page Five and Six: The Sea! [Full two page spread of the sea, with gulls, surf and happy clouds]
Page Seven: But first, he has to scuttle past the Ravens [Scary Raven]
Page Eight: And the Coyotes [Scary Coyote]
Page Nine: Go, Timmy, go! [Timmy scuttles with great vigor]
Page Ten: He made it! [Timmy enters the surf]
Page Eleven: Now he has to swim! [Timmy immersed in water]
Page Twelve: He's never done that before. [Timmy pushed back by a wave]
Page Thirteen: First he pulls with his left flipper. [Timmy paddles into the wave with his left flipper]
Page Fourteen: Then with his right. [Timmy uses his right flipper]
Page Fifteen: Timmy's doing it! [Timmy zooms past a fish]
Page Sixteen: And just in time [Timmy surfaces for air]
Page Seventeen: He has a long swim ahead! [Distance view of Tiny Timmy bobbing in the vast ocean, as he swims off into the sunset]


Kitty said...

So, can Tommy be a HIPSTER turtle? I'm totally going to do some mockups tonight!

Andy said...

Hahahaha! Yes! He should hatch with a Goatee! :)