Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Speaking Out Against the FISA "Compromise"

Barack Obama has run a campaign based on the notion of "bottom up" grassroots political action enabled by the internet. Now some of us are trying to hold him accountable to his grassroots supporters using that same technology. Its an interesting experiment, and someday I'd like to write up my observations on what is happening in detail.

For now, I'd like to recommend that you all go here and read some of the letters that have been written to the Obama campaign expressing discontent with this decision. Some of them are really quite persuasive, others quite moving. If you have a blog, linking to that page will help us raise the visibility of the folks speaking out.

If you want to do more about this issue, a wiki has been set-up with a lot of useful suggestions. Remember folks, Democracy isn't a noun, it's a verb!

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