Sunday, February 03, 2008


This last week has been taken up by a lot of playing with technology... rebuilding computers, installing software, working out bugs.

And games... I got onto a game kick for a day or two - Half-Life 2...

I don't know why I did it, why I spent my week the way I did. I didn't want to do anything more substantial. Maybe it was the spillover from last week's stuff. Maybe it was just the old habits of an addict. Maybe it was just procrastination before starting the large and scary project of my dissertation.

Video games are strange. A form of oblivion, really... you forget your senses besides vision and hearing, and those are degraded. Returning to your body... to the smell in your nose and the feel of the clothes against your skin, is a strange sensation.

So, I went seeking oblivion after a brush with it. A story common enough throughout human experience, I suspect. Strange though, how oblivion drives us into its own arms...

the death-urge, I suppose Freud would say

Anyway, some new stuff up on my flickr account, so check that out, and I've revamped -if anyone is interested.

Copyvillain is running MediaWiki now, as a small part of my diss research... if anybody has any ideas on things to do with a wiki server, let me know.


Gavin said...

Hey Andy, apropos of recent conversations on labor and your chosen occupation of academic, you may find the following interview interesting:

The site is a blog for a book that you should probably read.

Take care, probably bump into you at the end of the month!


Andy said...

Oh cool... thanks Gavin. I recognize her name... she's done some other stuff I've got somewhere in my "to read" file. The blog and book both sound really interesting.

See you at Battleground States!