Saturday, February 09, 2008

A Cyberpunk Moment

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I found this thing adhering to a gas pump at a station in Toledo, like some sort of technological barnacle. It was a tiny advertisement-bot, playing pre-recorded sound ads from some sort of chip while I pumped my gas. It seemed very cyberpunk-esque to me, an example of a sort of omni-present cheap technology bolted onto the older infrastructure of monopoly capitalism.


dr alex said... reminds me of the stickers Hiro gets slapped on his car at the start of _Snow Crash_, among other things...

kelly said...

You hadn't seen those yet? I think I've got the mute button placement on all of them memorized. Stupid things always squalking at me when I'm trying to peacefully pump gas. Fortunately the cheaper places to get gas are also the ones less likely to have the talking ads.