Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Even Jesus Only Had To Suffer Three Days

The Next five days are my comprehensive exams. Ack.

Actually, they have been pretty do-able so far, I put one question behind me today. Four more to go!

In the meantime - web-ephemera for all you boys and girls


kelly said...

Technically, since he died on a Thursday afternoon and was resurrected Saturday morning, it was really only about a day and a half. And does one really suffer when deceased?

Good luck on your exams!

Andy said...

Well, that depends on your tradition I suppose. The Catholic version of the story (at least one Catholic version of the story) holds that he dies Friday and spends Friday afternoon and Saturday suffering in Hell - or possibly fighting the forces of Hell - and setting the folks there free.

Then he's resurrected Easter Sunday morning - and folks go to war in his name for the next two millennia - which has gotta at least cause some angst for a guy who's big idea was "love thy neighbor"...