Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Create a Venn Diagram

Make one category: "Things That Are Ironic."

Make the other category: "Things That Are a Pain in My Ass."

Here is what would currently be in the space where the two intersect

-Digital Culture researchers who can't figure out how to link properly
-The fact that the ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) can't get their "digital library" to talk to my university's library search engine properly and consistently (when other journals can)
-The wide variety of documents on "Free Culture" and "Open Source Software" that are locked behind paywalls of various types (why yes, I will pay 80 dollars to read about how informations should be free...)

On the other hand, completely outside those two categories would be the many digital culture researchers who post up their work in weird hidden places in the internet where you can download them for free, and/or happily e-mail work to fellow researchers on request. Woot!


Dex said...

Hey! You better not be talkin' about me with the first one on this list! I'm having issues with my blog and trying to work it out! I swear! :(

Andy said...

No, no. Only some folks working on Libre software who have, perhaps, the worst run website in the world.