Saturday, June 04, 2005

Where my Dogs At?

Here's a shout out to some friends and fellow travelers in this grand Gibsonian trans-post-human experiment that is blogspace. Once I figure out the template doo-dad I'll post these on a sidebar.

-When I met him he was a sober Republican, but college girls and the worker's beer soon fixed that. Now he's a centrist half mad with the love of reason . I'm confident there's a cure for that too; in the meantime if you feel like lucidity, this is the place to find it.

-Are you a Democrat in the Great State of New York? Do you need to get involved? Well, you can always give the Eliot Spitzer campaign a hand. Want more ideas? Just check in with Shelldog and get the local scores.

-The bastard love child of Neal Stephenson and the guys from Mythbusters shares his explorations of evolutionary theory, electronics, the greater Rochester metropolitan area, Intellectual Property law, and the innards of a 1963 Sears Allstate motorscooter here.

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