Thursday, June 03, 2010

Buffer overflow

I kicked myself off Facebook to try to get myself to finish my damn dissertation. Maybe I'll post on here occasionally, just as a way to clear the buffer, get a few spare thoughts out of my head.

I've fallen into listening to the new The National album on heavy repeat as I write. This is good because I like it and its mostly faded to background so I can work to it. Its bad because they are the sort of band that smolders, the sort that makes me think of girls with dark eyes a size-and-a-half too big for their heads, makes me wish I'd spent my youth learning to speak French and smoke, so that when I met one I could mutter sweepingly beautiful obscenities at her while dangling a gauloises impossibly from my lower lip.

See that sentence ain't gonna fit in my dissertation... should have written about Godard instead of Wikipedia.

If anyone's reading this, prepare for more inane digital telegrams in this genre. You have been warned.

now we'll leave the silver city
cause all the silver girls gave us black dreams
-The National, "Conversation 16"

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unfashionablylate said...

It's not too late to learn French and smoke.