Friday, February 06, 2009

One Thing

Just for the sake of updating the ol' blog. Wasn't tonight's Episode of "The Office" a pretty solid episode? I felt like the promo shot, with what's-her-face Jim's girlfriend from last season, heavily pregnant were meant to set us up a bit as viewers. Make us do the math in our heads. Make us wonder "will they really go there? I thought they were smarter than that?"

And ultimately, they were smarter than that. I like how they have steadfastly refused to break Pam and Jim up this season, and present us with a completely unbelievable "Ross and Rachel" style relationship-on-permanent-hold to somehow attempt to keep "tension" in the series. Instead they've tried to render two people trying to make things work, imperfectly but honestly, within the sit-com format. I think that has been a brave move, even if they have sometimes faltered in their execution (the whole "oh look they are having a crisis" resolved with a "wait no they aren't, they love each other EVEN MORE" bit is starting to wear a little thin).

So there, my opinion on the current season of The Office, for what it is worth, which is very little.

Oh and the new judge on Top Chef is a total ass. What a tool.

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