Saturday, January 03, 2009

Lazy Food Blogging

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I took some pics of my prep from the food I made to share with friends on New Year's eve. I meant to write up a "food blog" post, but I am too lazy. The pics are on my flickr with some basic descriptive captions, though... so click the picture to them out if you would like.


whforums said...

What brand of knife was that in the New Board/Garlic/Onion picture? Is it a Henckels?

Andy said...

Hahaha. I wish it were. Maybe when I trip over a sack full of mafia money lying in the street. No, that is a cheap-ass Hamilton Beach stamped blade chef's knife. The factory edge is nice and sharp though, so for now it is quite nice... we'll see if it can take a new edge once this one wears out...