Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What the hell was this supposed to teach us

I love good ol Sesame Street, but seriously, where's the educational take away there? No wonder I grew up to be a slacker and a ne're-do-well.


whforums said...

I believe you were supposed to learn nouns.

Or perhaps you were supposed to absorb a prescient argument about the International Space Station.

The head is the bag of tools.

Andy said...

Seriously, nouns? I suppose you are the expert on educational technique, but we were supposed to learn what, that "Spatula" meant "square silver thing on the end of a Robot's leg?"

This is part of your Derridian/Deluzian insurgency against Nouns and their Nominal Hegemony isn't it.

whforums said...

Here's my best guess as to how it went down.

Person One: We need a lesson about known and unknown household nouns!

Person Two: How about someone learning this stuff through a robot made at home? They know spoon, but can learn spatula! They know can, but can learn olive oil! It might even inspire them to discover ways to build things out of household objects, or to walk around the house asking "What's that?" in hopes that it's a drain pipe! They'll learn nouns and we'll encourage their imaginations!

Person One: As long as everyone, including the robot, is male, this should be fine. Fine just fine. We wouldn't want girls getting crazy ideas bout what they could do with a scouring pad.

The result? Sort of like how I feel after a lesson in my developmental writing courses ... "Well, that sure as hell didn't work."