Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Campaign Season

First really solidly cold night here. Went out to have a cup of tea on the walkway and found everything with a light coating of ice. Another winter approaches.

And the four year cycle of government grinds on in the last week of this endless campaign. As a Democrat, of course, I watch the persistence of good news in the polls with a superstitious disbelief, sure that as soon as I turn my back they will all shuffle numbers around and we'll have lost again. I stare at the thin blue line of the Pollster.com composite obsessively, trying to make it hover above the 50% mark by sheer force of will.

And, of course, if Senator Obama manages to make it through the election, we still have clowns like these to worry about.

I am not a person of faith. I do not pray. I wish I could now. If you can, please do.

Good Night, oh you handful of friends who tolerate my pompous and self-important prose

And Good Luck.

1 comment:

dr alex said...

I love your prose, Andy. keep it up, if just for me. because I'm that important.

I'm obviously not as plugged-in as you, but I too am practically holding my breath, waiting...waiting...