Monday, August 11, 2008

14 Ways to look at an international conflagration

Well, not quite 14, but as an experiment (and to satisfy my curiosity) I've been watching to see how many different points of view I could get on the Georgian conflict via the internet news sources I routinely monitor. Here's what I've found:

Two articles from the NYT: One broad overview, one more "on the ground"

Some unabashedly (and predictably) Pro-Russian coverage from Pravda

Several short videos from Reuters... good for some sense of what things might look like:

This article critical of what the author perceives as Pro-Western bias in other reports appearing in The Guardian

That's what I've found so far...


Gavin said...

Some blog posts with lots of links to alternative views... you really aren't going to get much more than "poor Georgia" in the West (though they ARE getting fucked up by Russia). Georgia kicked things off, which means they almost certainly were given support by NATO/U.S., who may have miscalculated how heavy Russian response would be.

Gavin said...

Here's another one.

If you're interested in Western PR campaigns completely distorting wars, research some of the shit that went down in the former Yugoslavia... CNN's version is definitely on some mickey mouse shit... not to mention Iraq of course, interventions in Haiti, etc...