Friday, April 25, 2008

Jack of All Trades

Or perhaps more like the deuce of all trades. Sure I could be working on my Dissertation, or on my various political projects, but no... tonight I decided to learn some javascript.

I managed to hack together this crude but kinda fun tool with javascript and the google maps API. It shows a map, you click on something, and it outputs the Latitude and Longitude of that something in nice clean text, ready to be cut and pasted into GPS babel, or hand-keyed into a handy GPS unit.

I'm going to play with Google Maps some more for an Art project I want to play with this summer. I find this stuff to be useful when I'm having a video game craving... the same kind of problem solving is employed, and at least I'm learning a little something in the process.

The tool is here if you want to play with it. It is on my server box on my cable connection, so don't all click at once.

If you find the code useful, feel free to take it (of course), but you'll need your own key from google to use the google maps API.

1 comment:

Wyatt said...

Neat little app.