Monday, January 14, 2008

Post Human Reverie

My right hip pocket holds a microwave transmitter smaller than my wallet. My left hip pocket holds 24 hours of music frozen in a solid-state logic with no moving parts and wrapped in clean, polished metal. My backpack holds: a Charged-Coupling Device based Digital Imager with a thousand image storage capacity, a multi-processor computer running a souped-up descendant of BSD Unix, and a moving map display screen that by listening to radio-frequency whispers from a dozen screamingly accurate atomic clocks in low earth orbit can fix my position on the surface of the earth to 3 meters accuracy. I just got off the phone with a nice man somewhere on the Indian subcontinent. He's sending me 5280 milliampers of electrical power stored in lithium metal with a solid polymer electrolyte.

It all sounds pretty bad-ass and cyberpunk if you write it up right. :P

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Wyatt said...

Digital pulses scream through a vast network web of interconnected processors, delivering aliased pixels flashing into millennium old symbols faster than my obsolete fleshy light receivers can process.