Friday, November 16, 2007

Martha Henehan

My maternal grandmother, Martha Henehan, died on Sunday. She was a good woman, a loving mother and grandmother, and someone who remained close to the message of compassion at the core of her Christian faith in an age when many used that faith to advance an agenda of hatred, mistrust, and division. She will be missed by her children and grandchildren.

In September I visited my grandmother. I didn't know it then, but that visit proved to be the last time I would see her alive. She knew she didn't have long. She was at peace with that. She had been in pain for a long time, and her mobility was limited. She believed she would be reunited after her death with her departed husband, and she desired that dearly.

Still, she said to me, "there just isn't enough time."

Life is with us for just this brief moment. We will all wish for more time. None of us will get it.

Let's make the best of it.


thmarn said...

Your post is beautiful and got me all teared up. As someone who has lost two grandparents within the last couple years, you have my deepest sympathies. Even when, as we say, it was really a blessing, it is still very hard for those of us left behind. A big virtual hug is headed your way!

kelly said...

She was an amazing woman.