Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Baudrillard's laughter...

I was going to post something the day Baudrillard died, but then I forgot. Every so often though, you see something like this and you just know 'ol Jean is laughing back at you somewhere for every time you laughed at one of his far out theories.

I guess I should explain what that is, exactly. Its a clip from an upcoming showtime series to be based on the NPR program "This American Life". It tells the story of how toy TV cameras caught on as a fad at an elementary school, finally culminating in students standing by as one of their fellows is beaten up, dutifully "documenting" the fight with their fake TV cameras. Playing the part of the "disinterested journalist" even though all they had were props.

So the representation becomes the performance becomes the reality becomes the representation.
World without end

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