Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Words that pop

Literally via good ol' Boing Boing, an article on the (in)famous czech plastic explosive Semtex. I closes on the thought that part of the mystique of Semtex might be due to the poetry of the name itself.

it does feel good rolling off the tongue. SEM-TEX. Two syllables. One soft, one hard. It has a science-fiction look with an acidic old-tech twist.

Ah, the poetry of technology. Hard-edged and sparkly. It's a big part of what I love about Gibson. Here are some more favorite tech words for me.

-twisted pair
-implosion device
-jacketed hollow point
-fiber line
-packet loss
-nominal yield
-electromagnetic pulse
-positron emission tomography
-neutron moderator
-throttle body
-Near IR

And last, but hardly least, everyone's fav from Neuromancer


anyone else have unlikely fun words to add? (Just in case this one hasn't gotten me on enough watch lists.)

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