Sunday, September 10, 2006

Found on Youtube

One hopes its real, after the whole lonelygirl115 affair (which was, i thought, fairly transparent), but this is fairly interesting:

The web's collection of weird video fragments is starting to reach a sort of critical-mass of interestingness.

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kelly said...

holy crap! that's so weird. ok, so that guy is noah kalina, who is the little brother of my ex-boyfriend dave kalina. noah's a semi-professional photographer (he's shot saul williams, for one), lives in nyc. met him during sxsw 2005 when he came to austin to see dave. i can't verify if it's for real, but noah's real for sure. look him up on myspace, there's a today show clip of his clip.

so you, as my ex-boyfriend, are blogging about my other ex-boyfriend's brother. that's sort of creepy in a small world kind of way.